January 25, 2010

im turning japanesaaaaahh (makeup moment) 2003-2006

Mood: just do what you want,what you want like nobody's watching 
Dear Blog,
been scanning my photo bucket/ LJ and saw all of my old photos
which brought back so many good memories from the past
i just want to share a little piece of my past ;)
 my Japanese/ rock make up Period 
j-pop j-rock
my obsession  with makeup 
nail art / ever changing hair color
my source of inspiration back then was japanesestreets.com


kisses A.


  1. LOVE! who r ur fave jpop group/artists?

    mine's perfume. haha and all the johnny boys.

  2. haha actually my friends listened to jpop and jrock i was more into their clothes and i used their makeup as reference..
    back then i listened to rock,electro pop, electronica, synth pop,
    but they made me listen to this certain band forgot the name but he had blue hair and really dark make up
    kyo or something im not sure hehe
    kisses A.

  3. woah.. i never knew about this phase of yers.. i really admire yer zest in style and fashin..not to mention yer ability to expuresssss..hugs anton

  4. @karl
    thanks karl
    medyo matagl narin yan school days ;)
    kiss kiss