January 19, 2010

canvas dress 1


bang bang he shot me down, bang bang i hit the ground, bang bang that awful sound, bang bang.....my baby shot me down

Dear Blog,
just a random post
heres a canvas dress/ top i did last year
my print inspiration came from alexander McQueen's s/s 09 collection
and andy warhol's floral paintings
i was bored  and had a lot of free time 
so why not make something ;)
anywhoos i started draping canvas on my mannequin
after a few hours i got the silhouette i wanted
anti-shape top good to hide all the unwanted fats ;)

gathered all my fabric paint
and started to blend the colors together 
i wanted to create a shell like texture

 after a few hours...

after letting it dry for a day 
i hand stitched  everything
dyed it twice with black fabric dye 
hung it to dry 
 ironed it to seal the fabric paint 

and heres the finish product 
added pin details on the neckline

Brent C. is just super delish!  keri!
kisses A.


  1. ganda! that was a lot of fabric paint! ^^ haha.

  2. yeah naubos lahat ng fabric paint ko dyan and the paint smells bad buti nlng natangal nung na wash na haha

    kisses a.