October 27, 2009

PFW update

  MooD: WTH is a disco stick?
tweet of the day: i want to see the boy with the tattoos again ;)
Dear Blog,
so heres a little PFW post
maybe its just me but i like the holiday collections 09
better than the spring summer collections 2010
maybe Im more of a fall/ winter kind of guy
(even though the PH is a tropical country)
due to conflict of schedules i was not able to attend as much shows this season
but im still waiting for different websites to update me on the shows i missed :) 
 here are some pieces that made me go say "OH I LIKEY" from different shows during fashion week

LEE  S/S 2010


Martin Bautista 

Sassa Jimenez

Photo Credit: clickthecity.com

Pier Lim

PC: from pier's FB
will update more soon..
Kisses A.


  1. i dunno what disco stick is too. haha. btw i love what you're wearing! did you make that? ^^

  2. haha
    thank you
    uhmm no i did not make this :P

    kisses a.